date of birth: December 15, 1980,

tel.: +38 ­063 236 0524

Skype: shurika_t-­2



"Sochi 2014"

UEFA Events S.A., "EURO 2012"

UEFA Events S.A., "Trophy Tour"



Curriculum vitae


Ukrainian, Russian -­ native language.

English, French -­ reading, writing, speaking;



LED Screens, Mobile LED Screens

Live broadcast video mixing  (BM hardware and software, Final Cut)

Projects management

Technical support during different events


Availability of own professional team



08.2013 Singapore. PANASONIC D10RZ Technical Training


2000 -  2005 National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)

Specialty: "Design and implementation of automatic control systems.

Diploma: “Engineer -­ Designer".


1996 - 2000 Kyiv Technical College of Radio Electronics

Specialty: design, manufacture and maintenance of microprocessor devices.

Qualifications: specialist -­ designer of microprocessor equipment.

Diploma:  Specialist – Designer.




05.2014 ... until now BARCO Mobile Led Screen

Position: Business Developer / technical director Ukrainian company "3NRG"

- projects management;

- optimization of working processes;

- organization technical department of the company;


04.2015... until now Technical Specialist for “SUPERVISION”

- France, Dax, technical responsible "Feriya de Dax";

- Hungary, Hungaroring, installation and operation LED Screen, "Formula-1"

- Austria, Spilberg, installation and operation LED Screen, "Formula-1"

- Paris, preparation and operation "EURO 2016 France";

- Saint-Denis, Installation Modular LED "EURO 2016 France";

- Roubaix, bicycle road race "Paris - Roubaix";

- Saint-Tropez, "Voiles de Saint-Tropez";

- Paris, "France Galop",

- Paris Champs-Élysées, "Tour de France";

- Le Mans, "24 Heures du Mans circuit";

- Paris, "Concert de Paris";

- Paris, Installation Modular LED "Roland-Garros";

- Massy, "Championnats de france BMX 2015";

- Chantonnay, "Championnat de France de cyclisme";


09.2013 – 04.2014 Olympic Games SOCHI-2014

Position: Project Coordinator for “SUPERVISION”

- project management;

- working in multilingual teams on one project (Poland, Russia, France, Belgium, Ukraine);

- translation and adaptation of technical and project documentation;

- working with the Russian Olympic Committee;

- saving expenses of the project;

- the optimization logistics of the project;

- registration of permissions;


05....08.2013 Video Technician for “SUPERVISION”

- "Tour de France, Paris Champs-Élysées";

- "Le Mans, 24 Heures du Mans circuit";


- "Installation Kraft Foods, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France";


09.2012  –  10.2012  “UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour UniCredit, Italy”

Position: Video Engineer for “MEGA FORCE & E.P.M. Solutions”

- content manager - Catalyst Media Server;

- service engineer, emergency repairs of equipment;

- video engineer for screens;

- light and sound equipment Installer;


08.2012 “LONDON Olympic Games”

Position: Video Technician for “SUPERVISION”

- service video-engineer;

- emergency repairs of equipment;


05.2012 – 07.2012 “EURO 2012 Poland Ukraine”

Position: Project Coordinator for “SUPERVISION”

- working in multilingual teams on one project (Poland, Russia, France, Belgium, Ukraine);

- working with Local Public authority – UEFA contractor;

- optimization expenses of the project;

- logistics of the project;

- translation adaptation technical and project documentation;

- registration of permissions;

- working with UA customs;


04.2012 – 05.2012 Trophy Tour EURO 2012 Poland Ukraine”

Position: Tour Chief for “SUPERVISION”

- working in multilingual teams on one project (Poland, France, Germany, Ukraine);

- content management;

- working with UA customs;

- management live-broadcasts;

- emergency repairs of equipment;


since 20.01.2006 LCC “Soyuz-Garant”

Position: Technical Director

- project management;

- designer of interactive outdoor advertising, multimedia systems for TV Shows and Outdoor TV;

- designer of passenger information display systems at railway stations;

- installation, maintenance LED screens: BARCO, EKTA, Chinese screen;


08.2007 ‐ 11.2009 company: "Visual Technology"

Position: Technical Director

- project management;

- design and installation of various type multi-‐media systems: Public Address, conference systems;

- voting systens BOSCH, TAIDEN, outdoor television BARCO, YAHAM, IconOne, Orion, INFINITI;

- design automatic control systems and traffic management in Kiev;


09.2006 - 11.2007 Company "Elite Media"

Position: Technical Director

- design and installation of outdoor advertising facilities and systems of street television;

- creation of advertising content;

- training of personnel;


05.2004 -­ 11.2005 Company "LITER"

Position: technician

- installation, maintenance LED screens LeaterScreen, BARCO, PHILIPS.

- design, installation, audio and video information systems based on: LCD panels, projectors, video walls, LED screens;

- installation and maintenance of video equipment;

- training of personnel;


07.2003 -­ 05.2004 Company "DTR"

Position: System Administrator

- assembly, upgrading, maintenance of computers and office equipment;

- training of personnel;

- support local area network, LAN, modem access;

- semi-‐professional photo and video shooting, editing;




Good knowledge of the:

- Operating system: Windows, MacOS.

- Specialized software: TriCaster, FinalCut, Black Magic, Light Converce, LedStudio, Nova, LINSN, etc.

- Web-site development, methods of data transmission, methods of processing the video signal, writing technical specifications.